Your Best Lashes Ever

Have we all recovered from the glitz and glamour that was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday? No? Me neither. The Angel’s flawless complexions are a result of a healthy diet, fabulous facials, Dick Page, and pure genetics. So I won’t go into that. What’s accessible, however, are the beautiful, fluttery eyelashes that just frames […]

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Heaven Sent, London Bound

December has always been the best month for me. It’s the month my dad and I turn a year older, it’s Christmas, it’s the huge sale season, December has loads of fireworks thanks to New Year’s eve, it’s a mark where I’m thankful to have made it through another year and of course, it is […]

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Just like food and shopping , uniforms and I have always had a complex relationship going on. Prep school uniforms, with its pleated skirts, hairbows and blazers have always served as one of my sartorial inspirations. Prep school boys in their khakis and polos look incredibly proper and charming. Our Malaysian public school uniforms aren’t […]

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Maddie Ziegler in Elle US

The name Maddie Ziegler may not be on everybody’s lips (yet!) but almost anyone who listens to top40 knows ‘that girl from the Chandelier video’. When I watched it, I genuinely thought the dancing nymph of a girl was computer generated. She was impossibly limber, energetically animated and her facial expressions were both exaggerated and […]

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A Week in Pictures

Zombies and the post apocalyptic world have been quite a trend in the entertainment scene. But if you asked me, it really isn’t brain eating monsters that scare me when it comes to surviving the end of the world. It would be the unavailability of an internet connection that would drive me mental. After all, […]

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