Paris #2 : Palace of Versailles

If the dictionary could be rewritten, the word ‘Magnificent’ will be defined simply as The Palace of Versailles. If you find yourself in France, visit Versailles as it is simply put, the very meaning of grandiose. Versailles Palace is incredible. Once you’ve seen how vast and opulent this palace is, no other palace can quite […]

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I finally have gotten a job! Hurrah! Okay maybe there is another subtler way for me to begin this post but I am so excited I can barely contain it! Ever since I started working at 17 (old, I know. I mean Lorde already has a Grammy by 17 doesnt she? And Malala is a […]

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Personality Conflict

    I was talking to my friend Sarah the other day about ASOS’s current blowout sale and how I am itching to get shopping (but am deterred from doing so due to my currently non-existent paycheck). The things I’m really looking at on the site are the lingerie. They’re all incredibly affordable (again, if […]

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I’m not one to part with my lipstick but lately I have been staying in a lot (blame it on the heat, the rainstorms and the fact that I am currently unemployed!) (whooops I guess its out there now haha!) which means I have been reaching for my reds and mattes a lot less. Although […]

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Simple, clean and easy at Samuji SS15. These are probably the most norm-core looks of the season but I prefer to see it as palette cleansing. It feels like it is the most appropriate post-fashion month outfits. After a whole month of jet setting, running to shows in heels, putting on statement pieces and baubles […]

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Paris #1 : The Apartment / 10eme

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This is a long overdue post that I have put off due to the fear that going through photos of Paris will make me feel a sudden wave of sadness and longing for it. I have missed Paris, very much so.

I’ve dreamt of Paris ever since I knew I was capable of weaving dreams in my head so to finally set foot in this beautiful city made me above all else, grateful. I spent a good 4 days here (okay, 3 since I have an early flight back) and now I shall document it all piece by piece starting from the very beginning. Consider it a little guide for your first time in Paris (especially if you are from a far flung country, on a budget and Paris is not a budget airline/train away).


My mum found Audran’s flat on AirBNB at a fab price of less than 200 euros for 3 nights. The apartment is a studio with all the basics (and a cross trainer to burn off all the croissants, and there are a LOT of croissants involved in this trip), and I absolutely love the charming little backyard you can see though the window. The host himself is absolutely lovely for telling us where to go and how to get around the city. It’s better than any guidebook ever. :)

It’s located across the bridge in 10e. It’s quite out of the main Paris area but when I came to Paris, I wanted to stay around the locals and away from tourists so this was perfect. It’s right in the middle of Gare du Nord and Gare del Est which means you can really take a train to go to anywhere in France! It’s a really secure apartment with gate codes and everything. To be honest, I found Paris to be really safe. Yes you have to be careful with your pockets and bags but you should be careful no matter where you are in the world anyway.


Food around Paris is so, so easy. There’s literally a bakery on every corner and pretty cafes everywhere you look. There’s one at the corner right on the street I stayed on and I visit her every morning at 7am to get breakfast. Those tarts and them baguettes! Cest la vie! The little supermarket is also near by so you can get some fromage, salads and everything else. I wish we had pre packed salads everywhere in KL !


Again, incredibly easy and efficient. From the airport, just follow the signs to the train station. It is connected so you don’t have to worry. All signs are in English. Or ask somebody from the airport. Please, greet them in French. They’re really pleasant people, just be polite and speak nicely, of course!

You can purchase tickets from the machines at the train stations and any of the metro stations as well. I’d recommend getting the 2 day metro pass for Paris Ile de France. It’s well worth it as you get to cover all of the main places in Paris. There’s a metro line like 3 minutes away from Audran’s  apartment so your life in Paris is literally sorted.

Social & Shopping

Take some time to visit Gare Del Est if you can. It’s incredibly lovely especially at night. Take a long walk along the canals in 10e, and go to Republique to chill and look at some nightlife. There’s a wonderful Parisian spirit in this area, mostly occupied with real locals. It is the best way to really embrace Paris. There’s also quite a number of vintage stores around. Sadly I didn’t manage to go to any but I did collate a list to look out for the next time I’m in Paris. For this time around, my money went to French food and travelling to sights. If you’re into vintage shopping (and they say there is no place better to vintage shop than Paris), visit here for a list of places.


Stay tuned for Part Two!

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