Harper’s Bazaar’s Fashion Party

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Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to Harper’s Bazaar’s Fashion Party at the Intercontinental. I’ve been reading Bazaar for as long as I could remember, and it made me a very fashion aware 11 year old (suddenly Laura Ashley dresses weren’t cutting it. I wanted to be outfitted in ridiculous Galliano ballgowns. No I wasn’t aware that Galliano gowns costs actual-non-Monopoly money. Ok I was still 11, guys.) Til this day I’ve got pages of Bazaar editorials I tore out from the magazine and Bazaar was the first fashion institution that offered me an internship at 17 (which sadly I had to turn down due to certain reasons. I still wish I took it, though.) In short? I absolutely worshipped the magazine. It’s inspirational, it groomed my love of fashion and journalism, and it was in my mind, the first Malaysian edition of an international fashion publication that had the same high standard with its international counterparts. Its ‘Why Don’t You’ columns every month gave me an idea of the sort of woman I wanted to be. So to actually be at this party, felt like a dream that was 11 years in the making.

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But here’s the thing about fashion parties, everyone knows everyone. Even if they didn’t, it always looks as though they do. Fashion people are great at conversations and with the over flowing champagne, guards can be broken down easily. Because I’m so completely new at this, I’ll admit I spent the night feeling a little strange. Its fabulous, but a little awkward. I’ve spent my whole life observing fashion through magazines and shows that it overwhelms me to be in a room full of people who I usually only read about. These things take time and as the night wore on it gets easier to talk to people (also if you don’t drink alcohol, do like me and drink glass after glass of Diet Coke. The fake sugar does help a lot*). I’ve learnt that when it comes to these things, you just have to get out of your own head and say hi to someone. In a room filled with loud music, the upside is, if things get awkward, you can easily excuse yourself and make your way back into the crowd. And its true what they say, meeting new people is fantastic. To someone as shy as I am, it’s an accomplishment even. I met a few lovely people who I’m pretty sure I’ll keep in touch with for projects and things.

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On another note, I feel like Natasha Kraal, the EIC of Harper’s Bazaar has been at the magazine for years now and yet she looks fresher and more effervescent than some of the teenagers are these days. Absolutely fabulous.

Harper’s Bazaar’s Fashion Party

True Blue Peekaboo

When this blog was first started, I meant for it to be filled with daily outfit posts since I’ve always enjoyed the art of dressing up (on myself, and others). But I realized how  awkward I am posing for photos , and the camera used were never as good as I wish it was and so I began posting more inspiration posts from fashion week, the streets, people I looked up to in the industry and editorials. I’m not the most photogenic person in the room (I do okay selfies, but I’ve always felt like selfies were fool-proof. You’d actually be hard pressed to find someone who took less than flattering selfies), and I didn’t want this blog to be filled with photos of my face either (why do some blogs still do that? We know what you look like.) so talking about fashion, felt a lot more appropriate than a content that concentrated on outfit posts.

But I’d actually really like to start doing outfit posts again, we’ll just find ways to do it and not make it look like I tried to model (keyword? tried.) because I can’t. I took one yesterday for starters before realizing my bra matched my skirt. Coincidence? I think not.

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True Blue Peekaboo

Raw Beauty at Valentino

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The beauty look at Valentino Spring Couture ’15 is the perfect balance between rawness and a delicate sense of pretty, the Valentino trademark. Lashes were long and curled, but not heavy with mascara. Cheeks were beautifully flushed pink but lips were  on the opposite end of the spectrum, bare and dry, with perhaps a little clear Vaseline, as though the girls had a whole night of kissing in a field of flowers.

Raw Beauty at Valentino


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TOAST Spring’15

Have you ever had a little time off work during the working day itself and decide to come home for a little bit? I’m doing that right now and it feels a little weird. I appreciate it, obviously, I mean, we all could you a little breather now and then…but I also feel a little anxious and awkward being home. I almost wish I could access my work email for a little bit just so I can reply everyone’s loan requests!

Something tells me I’m going to regret saying that eventually. So I’ll stop. Couture week has ended which means there’s plenty of reviews to be read. I’ve taken my makeup off, a tall glass of Vitamin C water and oolong tea brewing on the side. Even if I’m jittery about not replying emails, my skin deserves a break from long days of makeup.




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Challenges and changes in life is inevitable. Challenges and changes in fashion? Sometimes intimidating, but mostly necessary.

I may have mentioned in passing that I recently started a new job. To be honest, I feel like this is more than a job. It’s like a start of my entire career. I’ve spent most of my working life (okay, a few months in between education…adding up to a year or so) on the retail floor and though I do quite well, I’ve never truly enjoyed it. I only kept going back to it because it was like the arms of a former lover : safe, familiar and comfortable, even if it didn’t ignite any spark within me. Now I’ve plunged myself into unfamiliar waters, working in the PR department of a fashion house. My only experience is a short internship and a PR module in university which is really nothing compared to what I’m learning right now on a daily basis.

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It short, every day is a challenge. Sometimes I feel awkward, a lot of the times I mess up. It’s out of my comfort zone and I realize all my life, I’ve always done things I know I’m good at. This isn’t one of those things, but what makes it worth it is how much I enjoy being in the fashion industry, and how much I genuinely care about this brand I work for.

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Now I’m wondering, since my work is bringing me out of comfort zone, perhaps I should dip my sartorial choices into unfamiliar territories as well. I’ve always been the girl in ballet flats because it reminded me of Audrey Hepburn, the French and it allowed me to dance in the streets. Its always so important to dance. But now I’m wearing heels to work everyday, it takes getting used to but I’ve grown to adore the feeling of superior strength it gives me. So what’s next? Higher heels? New silhouettes? Perhaps…*gasp* trousers??

We’ll see!


Peeking into Couture


It’s the middle of the week and we can all use something so beautiful it takes our breath away. Watch this video capturing a behind the scene peek inside the Christian Dior Couture workings. The intricacy, details and sublime workmanship of these talented individuals bring Raf Simon’s visions to life. Couture goes even beyond fashion, it is an art form that is going stronger than ever, despite certain parties debating the relevance of couture shows.

dhc6 dhc5 dhc4

Simons (and also Lagerfeld, who’s also fresh of the Spring ’15 CTR show for Chanel) have the ability to respect the heritage of the Dior house whilst staying true to the modern minimalist that he is, whilst Lagerfeld proves time and time again he is able to bring the wildest fantasies and dreams to life, even in a world currently filled with things that are less than pleasant. These are the masters, these are the saints that keep Couture relevant and as in the video, it is never a one man show. A couture show is a dream made real by dozens if not thousands of passionate, creative and talented individuals who devote their life to this world of wearable art.

See the full collection here.

Peeking into Couture